Healing Towers – Day 4

Day 4… Up to this point, breakfast had consisted of bacon and eggs or breakfast bars. But as you may remember, the day before we were blessed with a nice pile of dungeness crabs. Yep, that’s right. Garry, who by the way got his start in the restaurant industry, made something I’d never experienced before. I’m weird on trying new things, so I tried it on one of those don’t insult the cook principles. When that fork hit my tongue, magic happened. It was undoubtedly one of the most amazing breakfasts I’d ever experienced. I learned this was actually a real recipe and that I was apparently sheltered. I give you eggs benedict (with crab meat of course).

Healing Towers 4 Eggs Benedict


After the lush start to the morning, Garry wanted to do a little scouting. I went in the dingy with him, while Ed and Cleave stayed back and relaxed. The morning view defined the monument’s name of Misty Fjords, and was nothing short of amazing. I mean nothing.

Healing Towers 4 Morning 1

Healing Towers 4 Morning 2

Healing Towers 4 Morning 3

Healing Towers 4 Morning 4


No later than we started in the dingy, a local tour company dropped in with sightseers in a turbo beaver. I was able to snap some cool pics of the landing.

Healing Towerss 4 Beaver 1

Healing Towers 4 Beaver 2

Healing Towers 4 Beaver 3


We were happy to see the fish were already heading up the river and hurried back to the HBR to get our gear and of course Ed and Cleave.

Healing Towers 4 HRB 1

Healing Towers 4 HRB 2


We found a nice bottleneck section of the river that the fish were running through. It enabled us to wade close to each other and enjoy the company while fishing. These fish were hungry dude. We were finally getting down the technique that goes with fishing for this species, and forearms got sore.

Healing Towers 4 Bottle Neck 1

Healing Towers 4 Bottle Neck 2

Healing Towers 4 Bottle Neck 3

Healing Towers 4 Bottle Neck 4


We hopped back into the dingy and went a little further upstream to catch up to the main group again and that’s when I saw it. I’d been scanning the horizon since I’d landed in search of one and saw it about 75 yards upstream. But this sow wasn’t alone. She had three tag-alongs close behind. They were care free. Completely unaware of their surroundings and any dangers. They didn’t even notice us. But the sow smelled us before she even saw us. It reminded me of my own children. They tag-along with Lisa and me in a store, through a parking lot, and riding in a car with complete obliviousness. They don’t notice the car that cut us off on the highway or the person in the parking lot texting while driving through or even the shady looking person that stares at them in a weird way at the mall. We as parents are constantly on the watch for these and many other dangers on a daily basis without realization. This sow walked differently than the clumsy cubs. She walked with a mission. To get from point a to point b and to eliminate any threat on the way. It was an amazing sight to see.

Healing Towers 4 Grizzly 1

Healing Towers 4 Grizzly 2

Healing Towers 4 Grizzly 3

Healing Towers 4 Grizzly 4

Healing Towers 4 Grizzly 5

Healing Towers 4 Grizzly 6

Healing Towers 4 Grizzly 7

Healing Towers 4 Grizzly 9


After the show, we made our way back to the HBR. The Seals were being lazy and let us take some pics before hopping in.

Healing Towers 4 Bottle Seals 1

Healing Towers 4 Bottle Seals 2


When we got back to the HRB, we noticed what had to be over 10,000 fish podding up in the cove it was anchored in. It was a massive cloud in the water to say the least. We grabbed Putter and went over to cast from the dingy some. We all caught enough to smoke our forearms again.

Healing Towers 4 Last Cast 1


Some got smoked a little more than others….

Healing Towers 4 Last Cast 2


Garry pulled the anchor and we headed out to the location we’d be spending the next day in. On the way, we saw some pretty powerful waterfalls so it seemed like the perfect time to bust out my ENO SingleNest. Ed and I got in on the action. I believe this is what you call total relaxation.

Healing Towers 4 ENO 1

Healing Towers 4 ENO 2


This Healing Towers trip gets better with every day.