Loon Flow

I just received a bottle of Loon Flow from Hareline Dubbin. It’s Loon’s newest offering in their UV Clear Fly Finish lineup. I just happened to be in the middle of an order that included zebra midges and thought I’d try it out on them. I typically use Clear Cure Goo Hydro for these little guys. While it does the job great, I’m always up for trying new things out. Especially after how happy I was with the Loon line care products I tested a while back.¬†The guys over at Fly Fish Food did a great review of the product so I’m not going to repeat the exact same thing. Read their points¬†here. There were a couple additional observations I’d like to add. For one, the Flow doesn’t leave a really strong smell in the air or on your fingers, which is always a plus. The second thing is the twist top seal actually keeps the resin from leaking out. I always get frustrated with that. It gets all over everything and you end up with a sticky, smelly mess. The zebra midges are still bullet proof with the thinner resin and I didn’t have a big mess to clean up afterwards. I didn’t have a mess at all.

Loon Flow Zebras


I actually found it a lot easier to maintain the slightly tapered shape of the midges with the thinner epoxy. I was leaning towards making Loon my new go-to until I checked out the price. I expected it to be close to the high dollar Hydro. I was thrilled when I saw it was 35% cheaper for the same size bottle! You gotta be all about saving money these days, as long as you’re getting a quality product/service. I’m fast becoming a big fan of the folks over at Loon Outdoors. Needless to say, We’ll be carrying this product immediately. Have y’all experienced Loon Flow yet? Share your thoughts with us!