Kyle Chanitz

Kyle was born in New York, but we let that slide. Kyle has only been a resident of Roanoke, VA for about 3 years. He joined the army in 2006, and honorably served for 7 years. Now, as a veteran, Kyle enjoys the mindfulness that he finds on the water, as well as when he creates a new fly pattern. He is also an active member of Project Healing Waters, where he met Josh Williams in February of 2015. It was Josh who showed him how to tie his first fly, a size 16 pheasant tail. That night, Kyle ordered a fly tying kit from DDO and so began Kyle’s love of all things fly tying. Kyle is also an active member of Trout Unlimited, and an instructor for Orvis fly fishing and tying classes. In his free time, he likes camping, hiking, and exploring the various mountain streams and trails of the Blue Ridge to hunt for native brookies. In the Spring of 2015 Kyle went solo on his very first few brookie trips using flies more suited for Muskie fishing, by that fall a handful of PHWFF and TU volunteers showed him the correct fly selection and slightly smaller flies…. Now Kyle is teaching others how to fish for (and catch) natives. We’re very happy to have Kyle on our team tying flies!