Daytime Blue Ridge

Recently, I met up with Heather Hutzler of Daytime Blue Ridge. It’s a live local show hosted by Heather and Natalie Faunce about entertainment and lifetstyle in Southwest Virginia. Let me say that again. Live. I’m okay with interviews and such, but they’ve historically been taped and edited. Never live. So when I got the opportunity to go on the show for a short segment, I was pumped for the opportunity, but expecting to pass out mid-interview.

The one thing I was thankful for was that it was only 5 minutes! But all jokes aside, it went great and I left there feeling thankful for such a great opportunity to share a little about the company to the local folks. If you’d like to check the interview out, click here. Everyone at Dead Drift Flies has worked hard to represent an honest, ethical company, and catching breaks like this really helps. I’m really grateful for the support all y’all give and can’t thank y’all enough. God bless.