I’m very proud of my rich state history. I love stuff that represents my home. That’s why I got the Virginia brookie stickers. So when I saw a trout hat with the state blended into the design, it was a no-brainer.


The company is called RepYourWater. Coloradans Garrison and Corinne Doctor started the company as a way to represent their love of fishing within Colorado. Needless to say, it took off like a wildfire. My VA hat is absolutely sweet…..

Rep VA Hat


I wanted to take some of the “coolest” hats from their website and throw them up on this post, but honestly I love them all and there are way too may to show. I mean they have an obscene amount of hats. Many states have numerous styles to choose from. They also target some species like cutthroat, brook, carp and more…. There stuff isn’t limited to hats either. They have all kinds of short and long sleeves, performance short sleeves, neck gaitors and stickers.


And the best part is their dedication to conservation. Here’s an excerpt from their site that outlines their loyalty:

RepYourWater was born out of their desire to represent their love of fishing throughout Colorado with the creation of the original Colorado Flag Trout logo.  By teaming up with Colorado Trout Unlimited early in the inception RepYourWater has been able to contribute to the conservation of Colorado fisheries and set in motion what the company is today.  RepYourWater provides creative and unique designs on high-quality apparel and merchandise as well as making a difference for wildlife habitat around the country.  In addition to Colorado Trout Unlimited, RepYourWater donates 1% of sales of corresponding designs to: Wyoming Trout Unlimited, Wild Steelhead Coalition, The Bonefish and Tarpon Trust, and the Alaska, Utah and Montana Chapters of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers to provide financial support for the protection of the natural world around us.


I’m serious; go check out their stuff. Really really cool designs. Go.