Matt Dooley

As a native of Botetourt county, Matt knows the area’s waters well. A large portion of his time growing up was spent on SW Virginia’s lakes, streams, and ponds. Since then, he has been fortunate enough to find himself in a wide variety of fishing situations. From white sand and turtle grass flats in the Caribbean, to rips full of squid, sand eels, and hungry stripers off of Cape Cod, to iconic rivers and prolific hatches of the American West; these situations have all combined to make Matt a well-rounded fisherman who knows just a little bit about a lot of different tips, tricks, and techniques to becoming a better angler. While he enjoys catching fish any way that works, Matt’s preferred method is sight fishing and he will go a long way to find a fish that he can stalk and watch eat. Matt is a man of few words so if you’re a talker, see David.