Wildfire Weekend

Since tying my first fly in 2009, I’ve been blessed beyond belief. I have my friends, family, and of course God to thank for that. Recently, my wife called me and said, “Promise you won’t get mad?” I instantly saw red because whenever she says that, it’s something she volunteered me for that I do not want to do.

Well, this was no different. It seems my wife thought it would be a good idea to contact the people at Wildfire Weekend. Wildfire Weekend is a really cool men’s weekend at Liberty University where Christian guys and boys get together to share their faith. It’s centered around the outdoors, racing, classic cars, and extreme sports. You know, tough guy stuff. I’ve been twice, and both times had a really great experience. Last year, Willie Robertson and Tim Tebow were among some of the guest speakers. This year Joe Teti, Jase Robertson, Drew Brees, and Paul Teutul, Jr. will be some of the speakers.

On Saturday, there are two workshops everybody signs up for that run in between speaker sessions. Lisa thought it would be a good idea to share with the higher ups my testimony and journey as a one-armed fly fisher and tyer. They in turn thought it would be a good idea to have me as one of the workshops. While I am very thankful for this opportunity, you need to understand that last year over 10,000 dudes were in attendance. So needless to say, my exact words, before even getting upset were: I gotta go; I think I’m gonna throw up. After I let it sink in, I called her back and asked if she was outside of her mind. That girl has more faith in me than I will ever have. I was, and still am, so nervous. I am in no way an expert on anything. But I will try my best to do well and hopefully teach someone a thing or two. And I’m sure I’ll be learnin’ a thing or two as well. So, if y’all are near the Lynchburg area, come on down and be part of this great event. And if you come to my workshop, don’t make eye contact with me. I’ll be nervous enough as it is.