Hey y’all.  This is my first attempt at a blog post- be gentle. Let’s get one thing clear….. I am NOT a writer! I will most likely not use correct grammar. I use words like y’all and cut g’s off of words like fishin’ and huntin’; comes with the territory here in Virginia. I wanted to do more with my website than just selling flies and materials. I think I have a pretty cool story and can bring a uniqueness because of that. If you don’t already know me, I am a really stubborn person- hence tying flies one-armed. I’ve always been like that for some reason. It’s like God designed me for what I would have to endure losing an arm. Yes, I just made a reference to God. My faith is something I will never be ashamed to share, so you will see more references in other posts periodically.

I don’t like it when people beat around the bush, so I am always stating what’s on my mind. Some may not like what I say, but you can rest assured I will always be honest. I believe feedback is a powerful tool. Leaving comments lets the writer know how he/she is doing and what the readers like. So please comment! I plan on writing posts about the things that drive me.

There will be posts on general fly fishing (fly tying, tutorials, adaptive techniques, etc).

Welcome 1


There will be posts on gear reviews (Most likely involving my gear tester).

EJ With Rod


There will be posts on family stuff (I’m quite fond of my family as you’ll see).

Halloween 2012

Which, by the way, will be expanded February 9th……

On The Way

There will be posts about my experiences in the Army (G rated of course).

Sadr City

And there will be posts about random stuff that just doesn’t fit anywhere else (Most likely involving anything outdoors).

2-Fly 2013

Hope y’all enjoy!