Virginia Pride

This is a quick post because I’m really excited about what I just got in the mail. A little while back, I ordered some decals from a guy that is known quite well in the fly fishing industry. His name is Matt Zudweg and his Michigan-based companies are called Boneyard Fly Gear and Z Fly Fishing. Although he’s a phenomenal  graphic artist, a like him for his faith in God. He doesn’t try to hide it.

The sticker I chose combines two things I’m very passionate about: my state of Virginia, and my state fish. I absolutely love the brook trout coloration on these stickers! The decal size is approximately  3″ x 7 1/2″. You can find them here.  If you haven’t already, check out his websites. He has a pretty lengthy resume of clients that have used him for graphic design. And he guides and ties some nasty poppers too.

State Decal


And for y’all in the other 49 states out there, sorry……