So I am a very decisive person. I make most decisions pretty much immediately. It seems however, that in past few years, I’ve become quite indecisive with things that involve money. I think mostly it comes from the concern of wasting money on bad choices or perhaps not the best choice with children in the mix. I just feel so much responsibility for my family’s welfare, ya know? I’m sure a small percent is just newly derived from my ever-present OCD. Y’all should see me trying to decide on some stuff. It’s kinda scary. It drives Lisa nuts.


I’ve been wanting some slip on footwear for a long time now, and would have had some a long time ago if I’d just gone with something. I wanted something to wear in the truck on the way to fishin or huntin that was comfortable like sandals, but more protective like…..crocs. Now let me say I have nothing against crocs. They’re just not for me. And I didn’t want to wear sandals in the middle of the winter. So after looking for what seemed like a year, I made a decision and went with it. By the way, it took me four days to decide between three colors. I went with a brand called Sanuk. This company is one of those everybody get along and just enjoy the world kinda companies. They seem like good people. One of the movements they are active in isĀ Operation Smile, which helps children with facial deformities like cleft palate get the surgeries to fix their faces. Another movement they move on is called The R.A.S.T.A. Project. This incorporates using recycled and planet friendly materials for the footwear and packaging. Good stuff.


So the ones I went with are called Kyoto Chill 2. When I got them in the mail, I needed to see if I’d made a mistake immediately. Holy mackeral. These bad boy are the most comfortable objects my feet have ever resided in. They make my feet feel like they’re being swaddled. And they are super flexible. You know like when you go down stairs and you have half your foot over the edge? These things like arch down with your foot. They’re literally like sandals with fabric sewn on. Actually, that’s really what they are.

Sanuk 1


I got made fun of for wearing them around the house all evening that first night. I don’t care. They’re like loafers.

Sanuk 3


A little side profile.

Sanuk 2


So needless to say, I have found the trifecta. Old man house shoes, fishin/huntin en route slip ons, and summer shoes. Boom. And if you go to their website and enter promo code deaddriftflies, you’ll get 50% off your purchase. Ok I completely fabricated that. In fact, there’s a 99% probability that Sanuk has not and will not ever know who Dead Drift Flies is. All I can say is this was totally worth the purchase and that I’m definitely gettin some for the rest of the family.

Sanuk 4