Josh’s Reaper Midge

Every once in a while, tyers get a new pattern tightened up enough to say, “That’ll work.” I’ve finally got a new midge pattern I’ve been working on close enough to leave it alone. No more modifications, no more adjustments. That’s a hard thing to do for an OCD person like myself. But the pattern has served its purpose. Some of you know that the dead of winter can be some of the best fishing. Most days it’s just you and nature, because no one else is crazy enough to be out there! I recently did a write-up for Orvis on winter fishing and my new pattern, Josh’s Reaper Midge. You can read the Orvis post here. In the link, I discuss some tips on tailwater fishing in winter conditions, as well as the reason I came up with the pattern. All you tyers will also find the recipe there. Below are some variations it’s tied in. Be on the lookout with this pattern. You’ll be seeing it again hint hint.

Josh's Reaper Midge 1

Josh's Reaper Midge 2

Josh's Reaper Midge 3

Josh's Reaper Midge 4

Josh's Reaper Midge 5

Josh's Reaper Midge 6

Josh's Reaper Midge 7