Healing Towers – Day 2

The noise almost knocked me on the floor. I hadn’t jumped outta bed that bad since Iraq. You see, my bunk was directly under the anchor motor. You wanna talk about a loud noise… It was 5 something and Garry had already been setting things up for the morning. Did I mention he’s a machine? Cleve, Ed and I wiped our eyes and poured some coffee.

Healing Towers 2 Coffee


Today was the first day of fishing, and we were ready for business. As we headed to our next destination, we trolled for some silvers for supper later in the day. We were successful.

Healing Towers 2 Silver 1


And Garry was… happy.

Healing Towers 2 Silver 2


As we headed deeper into the area we’d be spending the week in, known as the Misty Fjords National Monument, I found myself completely amazed at what God created. Here are just a few shots that, as we often see, don’t do it justice.

Healing Towers 2 Misty 1

Healing Towers 2 Misty 2

Healing Towers 2 Misty 3


Like I said- amazing, right? If that wasn’t enough to leave you in awe then try this tough guy out…

Healing Towers 2 Eagle


After what seemed like an eternity, we reached the spot Garry wanted to anchor up. We would head up the river in the dingy from here out. Garry is very serious with the HRB and navigates like a pro. I soon found out he wasn’t so concerned while in the dingy…

Healing Towers 2 Dingy 1


Here’s Ed with his should we be concerned look…

Healing Towers 2 Dingy 2


And Cleve with his I’m not trusting these straps look…

Healing Towers 2 Dingy 3


The ride was actually really nice. And of course, we saw some more cool wildlife. Who sees  what’s goin on here?

Healing Towers 2 Dingy 4


If you couldn’t tell, leave a comment below. Maybe someone will help you out… So at this point, we started getting close. We started to see the pinks jumping like they’re known for. We knew it was time and the anxiety was beginning to set in. The river was getting more and more narrow, creating that bottleneck affect. The fish were…um…concentrated…

Healing Towers 2 Bottleneck


Go time…

Healing Towers 2 Pinks 1


It took us a little while to learn the fish, but once we did, it was game on. Ol’ Cleve was first to get rid of the stink.

Healing Towers 2 Pinks 2


The man, the legend, Ed was next.

Healing Towers 2 Pinks 3


And finally…

Healing Towers 2 Pinks 11

Healing Towers 2 Pinks 5


It got real. I mean we were catching pinks left and right. We were in a rhythm and had permanent grins. It was tough narrowing down all the pics, but I thought the following were the coolest GoPro ones.

Healing Towers 2 Pinks 6

Healing Towers 2 Pinks 7

Healing Towers 2 Pinks 8

Healing Towers 2 Pinks 9

Healing Towers 2 Pinks 10


Some people don’t need to use a GoPro and like to show off the fact. Notice the bent rod…

Healing Towers 2 Pinks 14


After what seemed like dozens upon dozens of fish, we got the call from Garry that the tide was going out and to get in the dingy if we didn’t wanna be grizzly bait. After all, what do you think those canisters are on our wade belts in the pics? On the ride back, we ran into another pod and so we urged Garry to get in on the fun. Get in he did.

Healing Towers 2 Pinks 4


Garry wanted me to get one more fish, and who was I to deny him that? I will never ever turn down a chance to fish. Ever. I caught a couple more. The first one we were able to get a cool pic and video of.

Healing Towers 2 Pinks 12


Although we saw a pile of eagles, this one last picture is just too bad to not share. What a beast.

Healing Towers 2 Exit Eagle


And the good ol’ HRB…

Healing Towers 2 HRB


Remember those silvers we got earlier?

Healing Towers 2 Silver 3


I could get used to this…

Healing Towers 2 Silver 4


Can’t wait til tomorrow…