Good Times, Good Friends

This past weekend I went up to Northern Virginia to link up with my really good friend Ed Felker. We had planned an evening kayaking on the Potomac River and then a full day float with our friend William Heresniak of Eastern Trophies Fly Fishing. Ed is the man behind all the DDF logos, but he is also a remarkable photographer and writer. William is a teacher by day, first class fishing guide and tyer by night. They have both put in countless hours volunteering for Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing. They’re both good people and I’m proud to call them both friends. I would love to write all about how the trip went, but Ed does so with a touch I wouldn’t dare try to replicate. Click on the link below to read his post (and make sure you sign up for future posts) and see how you don’t have to catch citation smallies to have a blast with good friends.


Dead Drifting on the Potomac