Foggy Lenses

Now that it’s starting to warm up, one thing comes to mind for me. Smallmouth. Pound for pound, they’re hard to beat for fight. Before I met my first trout, I fished rivers for smallmouth and brim. Some of my best fishing experiences growing up were on the James floating and catching smallie after smallie. With the heat of the summer comes one thing I absolutely loathe. Foggy lenses. I sweat more than the average person. The thermostat setting is a constant argument in my house. Lisa uses the children needing it warm as leverage, but Emma Jo is getting older and always takes my side. Not to mention, she’s already half Lisa’s height at age 3. Back to this foggy lense thing…. I know y’all experience this too. Besides the annoyance aspect, when your lenses fog up you have trouble seeing, well, everything. Plus condensation on a lense is a magnet for dust particles. So one mornin I was huntin down here in the Blue Ridge Mountains and walking a ridge like I often do. Climbing these mountains can have a tendency to raise that body temp. As I ascended the mountain, my glasses fogged up like I just stepped out of the hotel at the beach. Like always, I threw them on top of my head and squinted my severely sensitive eyes as I fell every couple minutes. I was used to this, as I was used to them fogging up while fishing. It’s super annoying, but just one of those things. I eventually stumbled my way to a favorite powerline overlook. Once I got all set up, I began glassing the overlook. What do ya think happened immediately? That’s right… the binos fogged up. So I grabbed my Nikon Fog Eliminator and wiped the binos and rifle scope while I was at it. Then the epiphany hit me. Apply the fog solution to my Costas! Why didn’t I think of this before?! To say it made a world of a difference in my fishing frustrations is an understatement. Here you can see some fogged up lenses.

Costas 1


And here are some lenses that had been previously wiped with the cloth and have no fog….. Costas 2


Well, there’s really not much more to say about all this. I mean, it is what it is. This is a short post, but in my opinion extremely valuable. This meant I wouldn’t have to A: look through a corner of my lenses anymore and look like an idiot on the water, and B: sacrifice taking my glasses off and eliminating my ability to see through the water. One thing I can say is that since that day, I have not had to worry bout foggy lenses again while fishing. I always carry some with me now for re-applications when necessarySo go buy some anti-fog gear, whether a liquid solution or a dry compound cloth, at your local gun shop or off the web and try it out. You won’t be disappointed!