Being Resourceful

In the days we first inhabited the New World, we learned how Native Americans practiced resourcefulness of their environments to the fullest. For instance, they would use a harvested deer for the meat, the deerskin for clothing, and the bones and antlers for tools. This was a great way of being resourceful, but also giving respect to the animal taken. Although these days we may not take it to that extreme, I believe no one should ever kill a game animal without at least using the meat for themselves or those who could use it like Hunters For The Hungry for example. Being a hunter has its advantages for tying materials. I am never in need of deer, squirrel, or turkey materials! So last November, I wrote about my big buck I was blessed with taking. This post is about a few ways that I was able to utilize the deer for more than just meat. Since this was actually my first buck worth hanging on a wall, I did just that. I took it to a place called Linkous Taxidermy. I was told by several people that he does phenomenal work. While waiting for my mount, we have taken advantage of the amazing meat. I’d give up beef before my venison. It’s also such a great feeling of being able to provide for your family with something you didn’t purchase in a store. Not to mention the money you save! We’ve had roasts, breakfast sausage, burgers, steaks….The list goes on. This deer was a big, big deer. So we still have a lot of meat left.



Box 1…

Being Resourceful Freezer 1



Box 2…

Being Resourceful Freezer 2


Here’s just a couple pics of some stuff we’ve had using the meat. Some amazing spaghetti… Being Resourceful Spaghetti


Some tenderloin with of course some DDP and Heinz… Being Resourceful Tenderloin


But I also use the hair from animals I kill whenever possible. Just think about all those free materials! Here’s a Clouser I tied for smallies. The white half of it was used from my bucktail. Being Resourceful Clouser Deep Minnow


Here’s a wild rainbow I caught on a hopper pattern I tied from the body hair. DCIM100GOPRO


I still have plenty of hair left and the best part is it’s free. And how awesome is it to catch a wild fish on a fly you tied using hair from an animal you hunted?! It’s an amazing feeling. The last thing is that I have a visual reminder of the animal right beside my desk. Lisa went with me to get it and on the way back, we pick our kids up at her parents. The deer was too big to keep in the back with the kids. She actually suggested putting it in the bed. I told her she would be in the bed before the deer head was and that she should slide her seat back and prepare to  hold a deer head. She was game…Being Resourceful Ride Home


And of course his final home. He’s gonna fit right in. Being Resourceful Final Home


Although I didn’t use the bones for anything, I tried to be as resourceful as I could. Even if you don’t tie, you could probly find someone who does tie that would appreciate the free materials. If y’all have any resourceful ideas that y’all have done with the animals that y’all have harvested, please share them below. Although I shot the deer with full knowledge of mounting it, I tried to pay respect and be resourceful of the animal in more ways than one. Maybe next time, I’ll make a sweet papoose for Lisa to tote Wyatt around the house in!